Es ist ihm für den Mut zu danken, denn er hatte gegen viele Widerstände zu kämpfen eine solche, für unsere Medizinwelt so fremde Methode, zu verbreiten. Roger beschrieb das revolutionäre Konzept der ‚Psychologischen Umkehr‘ und hatte Erfolg mit seiner ‘Thougt Field Therapie‘‘, aus der dann Gary Craig EFT entwickelte. Hier ein Nachruf, den Gary auf seiner Web-Seite veröffentlich hat.

A Tribute to Roger Callahan, Phd:

Roger passed away on November 4, 2013 at the age of 88. He was the first to bring these “tapping procedures” to the public and did so around 1980. I met him and became his student in 1991. We all owe Roger a deep sense of gratitude. He was the one who took the original criticisms of a hostile profession and paved the way for us to spread this “strange process” throughout the world.Roger was a pioneer in every sense of the word. I remember asking him…

“Roger, should I be learning this process? After all, I have no credentials or training in this field.”

To which he replied… “It’s good that you don’t have that training. You have less to unlearn.”

This didn’t mean that newcomers should go into therapeutic areas where they don’t belong but it does point out that we must change our thinking about the therapy process. This was a monumental step in our progress. It launched everything.

Thank you Roger.

Love, Gary

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